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SETUGAS maintains a chain of warehousing network throughout the country and overseas locations as well with the collaboration of various warehouse owners and operators. The warehouse acts as a distribution or transit centre for production materials and manufacturing products from suppliers to manufacturing plants and production houses to buyers both within and outside the local boundaries. 
Our customized inventory management for materials and products could save much capital investment to manufacturers to warehouse costs and at the same time exploit the experience and expertise of SETUGAS in the Distribution Resources Planning concept. 
We have approximately a total of 200,000sq ft of warehouse space and the following operations persists within:
♦  General Storage. 
♦  Bonded Cargo 
♦  Yard Storage
♦  Packaging. 
♦  Container Stuffing and Unstuffing. 
♦  Consolidation. 
♦  Inventory Management. 
♦  Warehouse Management. 
♦  Packing and Removal