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We have the capabilities to manage and coordinate all your logistics information and resources to meet your competitive requirements and with that is able to offer a complete logistics package of the entire chain management of outstanding quality and operational excellence withstanding flexibility, scalability and visibility to our clients. 

SETUGAS offers a wide range of domestic and global freight management irrespective to the dimensions and weight of your cargo and with our facilities, experience, capability, knowledge and good repo with the local authorities and truck, rail, ocean and air carriers would ensure that cargoes are delivered on time and within budget. 
In general, SETUGAS offers the following management services of carrier selection, vessel chartering and space booking, track and trace, insurance, GPS and EDI and with our local and global coverage, we are able to compute the following information on carrier selection, full/part charter party, special equipment transport arrangement, freight negotiation, administration, door to door delivery, project handling and all risks insurance. 
SETUGAS provides both the scope of freighting..International and Local..and the services that need to be rendered depends on the type of cargoes that are transported either in or out of the country and they can be classified in general into Normal cargo/services, Heavy/Oversized cargo/services and by Barge and Roro cargo/services. 
Irrespective as to cargo classification..generally the following services shall be utilised in international and local freighting:
  • International Freight Forwarding(air/sea) 

  • Liason(shipping agents/port authority) 

  • Loading/Unload/Discharge 

  • Customs Brokerage 

  • Inland Transportation 

  • Warehouse(open/cover) 

  • Packaging(stuff/unstuff) 

  • Labour(skill/unskilled)